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Hand care is one of the most frequently performed treatments in spas and salons. This is not surprising, after all, it is the hands that are the calling card of every woman. The main advantage of cosmetic hand treatments is their variety. In today’s article, we will mention all about the newest manicure trends, featuring Gel Nails, Gel Hybrid Nails, and Acrylic Nails. Read on to get inspired for your next salon (or at-home) manicure!


Gel nails are not extensions – they are formed by brushing three coats of gel onto the natural nail. A base coat is first applied, followed by a polish colour and then a protective top coat. After being applied, each coat is cured under a UV light for a few minutes.

Pros of Gel Manicure:

The possibility of obtaining beautiful and long nails even for people who are not able to grow them on their own.

A wide selection of decorations and nail colors.

They give a shiny, fresh look.

Long-lasting and strong nails.

They are more flexible than acrylic nails and therefore less likely to chip off.

Drying time is much quicker than a regular manicure.

There are no unpleasant fumes during application.